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SEC Pulse


Actionable data and analytics to support your hiring strategy.

SEC Pulse is your up-to-the-minute report of the hiring market, specifically tailored to your business, your location, your industry and your requirements. We use various research methods and multiple sources to bring together data-driven insight to help you attract and retain talent, and position you as an employer of choice. SEC Pulse is a bespoke report on everything important to you, meaning you can make informed decisions when onboarding new talent.

A window to your target talent.

Understand where to look, and what to look for.

You'll gain insight into the locations you're most likely to find your ideal hires, from continent right down to provincial level. Our population data tells you the areas where there are most opportunities and the most hires happening for candidates within your target talent pool, but also locations for potential untapped talent, where your target talent population exceeds the number of local opportunities.

You may already know the skills you're looking for in your next hire, but we'll provide you a list of the fastest-growing skills amongst your ideal talent, meaning you can build a more in-depth profile of what your ideal candidates look like.

Be one step ahead of your competitors.

Our data shows you what your ideal candidate looks for in an employer and in your offering, from home-working flexibility, to work-life balance, to challenging and meaningful work. Understanding these important propositions enables you to tweak your offering to attract more relevant talent from the moment you put together your hiring roadmap.

We'll also give you a look into the hiring patterns of top employers within your area, so you can see how you match up against your competitors. In-depth analysis allows you to see where your competitors are hiring from and when, giving you a long-term advantage when it comes to hiring from the same talent pool.

​Get a snapshot of your market with Pulse Lite.

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Ready to make more informed hiring decisions?

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