Two professionals sat at their desks next to a manufacturing area

Supplying the quality, regulatory and validation sectors.

Two professionals sat at their desks next to a manufacturing area

Supplying the quality, regulatory and validation sectors.


The expertise to support the quality, regulatory and validation functions that drive global drug development efforts.

At SEC we are passionate about offering you a complete service whether you’re an employer or looking for your next role at every stage involved in each stage of the drug development cycle, from research and development right through to commercialisation. Our industry experts are versed in the fields of quality assurance, regulatory affairs and validation, and understand the importance of building experienced and compliant teams and their impact on the wider pharmaceutical landscape.

We share your dedication when it comes to bringing together qualified, attentive and compliant QA, RA and validation functions.

Your organisation relies on organised, technically versed and highly adaptive professionals within your quality, regulatory and validation teams. We understand that to deliver value and ensure the development and distribution of your products, securing and retaining this sought after talent is a priority. SEC has over 30 years experience sourcing such talent, and our pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and other life science partners continue to trust us when it comes to delivering against their hiring or growth strategy.

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We recruit for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and also for a number of CRO, CMO, biotechnology and medical device organisations. Our diverse range of partners and geographical scope means we’re positioned to bring you the very best opportunities from across the European, US and global markets. When represented by SEC you’ll work with an industry expert who’ll work hard to understand your expertise and what’s important to you when it comes to your career.

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