Fullstack Web Developer

Job title : Fullstack Web Developer
Location : Mannheim
Job type : Permanent
Salary : Negotiable
Contact name : Morgan Warnett
Contact number : +41 (0) 44 580 3717
Contact email : morgan.warnett@seclifesciences.com
The training data from their simulators is linked with a central database and made available to their customers for further analysis via a web portal. Lecturers manage courses and users via the web portal. They are searching for a Full-stack Web Developer to help further develop this portal.


- Further development of our e-learning platform
- Development of web applications with PHP
- Implementation of web - based tools for data analysis and user management database


- Completed computer science degree or comparable knowledge
- A proficiency in PHP
- Experience with a server-side MVC frameworks
- Good knowledge of jQuery and Bootstrap is desirable
- Good knowledge of spoken and written German and English