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Catalin Zaharia

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Catalin Zaharia


Catalin Zaharia

Lead Consultant

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​I've been working with SEC since 2017, after a recruitment journey spanning three years and various European countries. With experience in a few industries, I find pharma one of the most competitive and exciting.

I cover the biometrics market, which includes SAS Programming, Biostatistics and Clinical Data roles across Europe. My mission is to pass across the SEC values while providing an excellent level of service.

I'm really passionate about psychology and human behaviours, and I often challenge my understanding of it in real life situations. Travelling is a huge passion of mine, I have a curiosity when it comes to understanding and discovering different cultures.


Anna Socha, Statistical Programmer

Catalin did an amazing job getting me recruited for a great role. He was incredibly helpful and friendly throughout the process, putting way more effort into it than any other recruiter I’ve ever worked with. He exceeded my expectations when it came to helping me prepare for the interview and ensured I got as much information as necessary (and more) throughout the whole process.

He has excellent communication skills, a very proactive attitude and does an amazing job representing his company. It’s very unlikely I will be looking for a new opportunity anytime soon, since Catalin met all my expectations with current role, but if I ever have to look for a new one or if I find myself in the position where I need to find a suitable employee, Catalin would be the first guy I would call. He truly is a pleasure to work with.


James Sweet, Statistical Programmer

Catalin has been professional and efficent in securing me a job at one of the top CROs. His communication is excellent, he always kept me in the loop with any information. He is also very receptive and willing to listen to what I wanted and found me a position exactly what I asked for. I would heartily recommend Catalin as a knowledgeable, helpful and hardworking recruiter.


Jean-Francois Menuet, Senior Statistical Programmer

Catalin has particularly impressed me by his abilities to help me to find new job in a new company. First, he clearly understood and analyzed what were my expectations in terms of positions and salary. During each steps of the process, he was present to help, guide and inform me of the progress. Efficient is the word that summarized Catalin. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him.


Katrin Zaragoza Dorr, Medical Writer

I would 100% recommend Catalin and name him my favourite recruiter! Why? He offers the whole package needed for a candidate: an extremely friendly professional, who knows his job and how to fit a candidate’s expectation, an excellent motivator with a great positive attitude offering an extraordinary exhaustive interview preparation. The communication was excellent, assuring constant and prompt feedback and that the recruitment process kept smoothly rolling.