young woman receiving radiation therapy

Case Study

Supporting a clinical-stage oncology biotech with a highly confidential search for medical and scientific leads

young woman receiving radiation treatment

Case Study

Supporting a clinical-stage oncology biotech with a highly confidential search for medical and scientific leads



Clinical Development

Medical Affairs

  • ​In August 2020 we were retained on an exclusive basis to source candidates and provide market intelligence for three high-level, niche roles on behalf of a US-based biotechnology firm.

  • As two of the three roles were set to replace current position holders within the company, maintaining the confidentiality of these requirements and avoiding public attention to the structural changes ongoing were high priorities for the organisation.

  • This meant the positions we were working on could not be advertised, only a few select points of contact were made aware of the roles, and any candidates we sourced and engaged with could not be given full details of the company until the lattermost stages of the recruitment process.

Project Timeline
  • AUG 2020

  • SEPT 2020

  • NOV 2020

  • JAN 2021

  • FEB 2021

  • Initial Engagement

    Initial Engagement

    We began our partnership with the firm and initiated a search to fill a Senior Director of Immunology position. The role required a candidate with a PhD in immunology, as well as someone with extensive leadership skills, experience in strategic oversight of clinical trials and strong commercial acumen.

  • Presenting The First Candidates

    Presenting The First Candidates

    ​Within the first three weeks of the search we were able to identify, screen and shortlist 7 qualified candidates, and present recommendations to the client based on their requirements, company mission and culture.

  • Additional Requirements

    Additional Requirements

    ​As interview processes began for the Senior Director of Immunology position, we were briefed on a second and third position in the form of a Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer.

  • Interviews Held

    Interviews Held

    Of the 18 candidates presented for the positions, ten are interviewed throughout December and January.

  • Offer Presented

    Offer Presented

    ​After a second round of interviews, the ideal candidate for the Chief Medical Officer position is identified and we support the client in presenting an attractive offer. The candidate accepts, due to begin work the following month.

  • We held an initial meeting with the CEO and VP of Human Resources to fully understand the company, values and culture at the organisation, the reasons for replacing the current position holders, and the competencies they required to deliver their company mission.

  • After agreeing project timelines, the medical and scientific experts within our staffing delivery team identified several companies with a similar organisation structure, pipeline and therapeutic indication to identify target candidate profiles.

  • Having devised a screening process based on the required competencies, we began building a talent pool through active headhunting, referrals and various routes to market.

Our team were able to position the company, culture and benefits in an attractive package to prospective candidates whilst maintaining the anonymity of the client. This led to 10 of the 18 engaged candidates progressing to interview stage, and the placement of a Chief Medical Officer just 11 weeks after our initial brief.

Project Highlights

  • Confidential 4

  • Confidential 3

  • Confidential 2

  • Confidential 1

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