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SEC Spotlight: Progressing my career, making a return after leaving and going fully remote

Posted on 07 May 2021 by Yanick Millet

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SEC Spotlight: Progressing my career, making a return after leaving and going fully remote

Posted on 07 May 2021 by Yanick Millet


Yanick joined us at the start of 2018 from a background in recruitment and marketing operations, and quickly cemented his place as a valued member of our biometrics division, now working both perm and contract roles and supporting biotech, global pharmaceutical and CRO clients.

After leaving us briefly to pursue a role outside of recruitment, Yanick rejoined, gained two promotions in less than two years, and kicked off this year with a leaderboard-topping Q1.

Yanick is now among our highest billing consultants, is a go-to person when it comes to operations on the biometrics and data science front across Europe, and works entirely remotely from his home in Basque Country, Spain.

What made you choose SEC?

I joined after checking out the website and getting a feel for what the company values were, and I also got the impression that life sciences would be a really interesting market to recruit into. After speaking to the internal talent team I could tell the environment would be welcoming, and when I understood what the onboarding process would look like I was sold – I knew I’d quickly become comfortable with the market knowledge needed to do the job.

Right from the interview process I already felt like I’d joined the team. I could comfortably express my ideas and expectations about the role, and any concerns I had were listened to carefully. That initial feeling I got was a key reason I decided to join (and re-join!).

You left SEC briefly and decided to come back – what drew you to return?

I did make the decision to leave SEC after being approached directly for a position outside of recruitment, and it was a move I was convinced would be right for me and my career – it’s easy to get drawn in by the allure of pastures new. I realised after a couple of months, and completing a couple of projects, that I wasn’t getting that same buzz I felt at SEC and in a recruitment environment.

When I made the decision to change roles it was made clear by my team and the management at SEC that there’d be an open door should I want my old desk back. It stayed in the back of my mind throughout my time in the other role, and when the time felt right I had a chat with the internal talent team again and re-entered the recruitment process at SEC.

When I returned it really was like I never left. I picked up my market again, reached out to contacts I was previously engaged with and was welcomed straight back into the team.

How has SEC enabled your career progression in the last couple of years?

I’ve been provided with the autonomy to work and expand my own market, and that’s what has ultimately led to me being successful and being able to progress my skills and career. I’ve also been provided a good amount of guidance when I’ve found myself unsure of what my next steps might look like, and being surrounded by knowledgeable people means I’m constantly learning and thinking creatively about my approach to work.

I’ve been supported by the management team when I’ve had doubts or struggles, and they’re always there for more information or an alternative strategy to whatever I’m trying to achieve. I’ve found that with the right attitude and a clear understanding of the end goal, you’re able to visualise the steps to getting there with help and collaboration from the team here, while still maintaining control of your own desk.

You’re working fully remotely now, how has SEC supported on that front?

The fact I’ve been able to transition from being office-based to permanently home-based without it affecting my work is something I’m really appreciative of. I’m given the flexibility and trust to manage my own time, and the tech and infrastructure to work from halfway across Europe and still collaborate effectively with the team.

We have great team catchups every couple of days, and at the end of each week we hold the company-wide wrap up meeting, so that’s really helped in maintaining a connection to the culture and dynamic at SEC despite being in a different country to most of the team here.

What would you say to someone considering joining the team?

If you’re happy to learn, want to be involved in a multicultural environment, have a natural curiosity and are excited about growth opportunities, you’ll be provided the materials you need to be successful, which is exactly what I saw when I decided to join.

I’m really excited about the future of SEC, and we’ve gone through a lot of changes in focus this year – my market for example, has shifted to focus on some new geographical sectors that are set to grow this year. It’s definitely not easy to face change head-on, but change comes with opportunity, which is a motivator for us all.

I’m excited at the prospect of welcoming new members of the team this year too, we’re discussing growing our division by two or three in the coming months, so I’m looking forward to providing what I was provided back in 2018.